How You Can Benefit from Leadership Development Programs in Northern VA

Sep 24, 15 How You Can Benefit from Leadership Development Programs in Northern VA

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Workplace culture is the way in which your office or business operates. Like a larger culture, workplace culture means the shared ideas, beliefs, traditions, opinions, and goals of a group of people. In this case, that group of people is the ones in your office or store. When you are a manager somewhere, you are uniquely responsible for creating a healthy environment for your employees. A healthy, productive environment means that your workers are happier and treated better, which also means that your business becomes more effective. When employees enjoy being at work, they show up earlier and leave later, work harder, and collaborate more with their coworkers. No matter what kind of goods or services you offer, that is going to make your business more productive. Productivity Increasing productivity is the best way for you to make your business more successful. Leadership development programs in northern VA help many people around that region to become more effective leaders. This is not only about business, though. As you are well aware, northern Virginia isn’t very far away from Washington, DC. Whether you are a current member of the government, an employee or staffer for a government official, or looking to join, you can benefit from learning the skills necessary to be effective. When it comes to government, you are not seeking to increase profits, but you are seeking to increase productivity. Skills Leadership training in Northern VA is a great way to learn the skills necessary to create a healthier and more productive workplace culture. You can learn the ways to do that. One effective strategy is to gauge how your employees work together. You can do this through implicit and explicit means. Implicit means would be instituting tasks that require multiple employees to work together and seeing how they accomplish that. An explicit maneuver would be to craft team-building exercises or tasks and dictate who will cover which tasks. This will show how your team works together through different obstacles. All of these...

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Big Band Swing Artists Complemented the Decades of the 30s and 40s

Sep 22, 15 Big Band Swing Artists Complemented the Decades of the 30s and 40s

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When you think of Big Bands and the artists that were prominent during the period when swing dance music was popular, some of the well-known performers include trumpeter Louis Armstrong, Count Basie (a renowned composer and pianist) and Duke Ellington (an influential individual in the creation of the Big Band form). Louis Armstrong Louis Armstrong, who played trumpet and sang, was the first of the jazz musicians to use his musical celebrity status in comedy and acting. Armstrong founded and established a rhythmic method to improvisation which was called swinging. As a result, swing becomes a component of jazz. In fact, Armstrong discussed his personal jazz experiences and the jazz transition to swing in the book, Swing That Music, which was written in 1936. Count Basie Count Basie was a big band leader who studied piano when he was young under the tutelage of his mother. Later, his piano playing was influenced by Fats Waller, who was his mentor. Basie started professionally playing jazz in 1927 when he could not go back east because he lacked the necessary bus fare. While in Kansas City, the pianist played with the well-known Bennie Moten band. He became the leader of the band in 1935 when Moten passed away. By the time 1936 rolled around, Basie’s band was enjoying regular gigs at a place known as the Reno Club. Late night broadcasts were aired from the club to such far-reaching places as Chicago. Some Count Basie songs that were highly revered in the 40s include “One O’clock Jump,” “Taxi War Dance,” and “Lester Leaps In.” The Basie band disbanded in 1950. A subsequent orchestra was formed in 1952, which did not rely as heavily on improvisation. Duke Ellington Duke Ellington, who was one of the big band swing artists pioneers, was a pianist, composer and bandleader. Ellington was noted as bringing prestige to the world of jazz – especially swing. He has often been referenced as “America’s greatest composer in any genre.” The band leader’s work in...

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Lose Weight Easily and Rapidly with Garcinia Weight Loss Pills

As the trend of weight loss rises starkly, the market is filled with a variety of products, food supplements, exercise videos, gym clothing, and equipment to help make your weight loss experience motivating and effective. When it comes to weight loss supplements, blindly following the marketing campaign of certain products may not benefit you in any way. Before you invest in any of these synthetic products, you must research thoroughly about them to get the maximum benefit. Weight loss should be done naturally using products that are made using natural ingredients, such as Garcinia Cambogia weight loss pills, which will help you lose weight effectively without the risk of side effects. Weight Loss the Easy Way The concept of losing weight can arouse very disturbing images of diet and a strenuous exercise regimen to the mind. Many diets seem to endorse the idea of either starvation or food deprivation to lose weight. Depriving the body of food also deprives the body of the basic nutrients, and hence you become weak and start losing muscle instead of fat. Garcinia weight loss pills, including Garcinia Cambogia Blast and Green Coffee Bean Extract 800+ help you to lose weight naturally without compromising your food habits. Their combined effect results in rapid weight loss without any adverse health conditions. These pills allow you to lose as much as 12.5 percent of your total body fat easily. Numerous studies in journals such as Nutrition Research, Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity Journal, and The Journal of International Medical Research have attested to the fact of the pills’ amazing quality of burning fat. How Do Garcinia Weight Loss Pills Work? These effective weight loss supplements are made using a tropical fruit extract called Garcinia Cambogia and extract of the green coffee bean. Garcinia Cambogia extract is known to burn fat quickly and help you lose as much as 7.7 kilograms in 8 weeks’ time, while the coffee bean extract contains antioxidants and burns fat at the rate of 10.5 percent of...

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How to Find the Right Dental Office for Your Family

There are many factors that you need to consider when it comes to finding a clinic to provide your family with dental care. You should consider what is called the four C’s when searching for a dental office of Dunedin, Florida. First you should find an office that is convenient for you, finding one that is located close to your workplace or home adds the convenience of arriving there quickly. Instead of having to travel an hour or more. You also want one that their hours will fit when you will be able to schedule an appointment. The dental office you select should be competent, find one that has a high level of professional level and stays up-to-date on the latest technology that is used. Compatibility is another important factor, do they specialize in treating particular patients? You would want one who has the experience of working with small children. Especially, if you have children and they are fearful of dentists. Lastly, the cost is important when searching for the right dentist. Will your insurance cover them and do offer payment plans for procedures that cannot be covered? What to Ask Before Selecting a Dentist Do they specialize in any particular area such as cosmetic, orthodontics, or family? Will they take X-rays and how often do they? When a dentist takes X-rays often they can help find serious problems faster. Do they take payment plans if necessary? What level of degree do they have and do they still expand their education to stay on top on the latest in technology and procedures? How long have they been operating as a dentist? You want to find one that has years of experience versus one that has just graduated dentistry school. Do they provide preventative care for your teeth? Find a Trustworthy Dentist to Provide Your Dental Work It is important that you take care of your teeth, they are used in the chewing process to help digest food and poor dental hygiene can lead to...

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Removing Allergens and Bacteria from your Home’s Air

It’s been reported that the air inside your home can be many times dirtier than the air outdoors. You could have pet dander, dried skin particles, bacteria, dust, mites, and mold spores floating around in your home. This is air you and your family breathe! Often times, the indoor air quality is overlooked simply because people feel the filters in the air conditioner or heater is doing its job. The fact is, filters should be changed on a monthly basis in the average home. Very few families remember to do this, which can cause an abundance of allergens and particles in the air they breathe. Residential Air Quality Improvements Within a residential HVAC in Columbia SC you will find a large filter. This can be changed by a repair technician on a regular basis for preventative maintenance. Not only can the simple act of changing a filter improve your air quality, but it can also help save on utility costs throughout the year as you use the unit. Filters come in a variety of types, from standard to HEPA and everything in between. Depending on your personal preference for air quality, and whether or not you suffer from severe allergies or are in need of medical grade cleanliness, you can get filters which remove 99.99% of airborne particles, including bacteria. While not every HVAC unit can accommodate these filters, a majority can. Be sure to speak with your heating & air conditioning technician for more information on available filters for your particular heating or cooling unit. Keeping the Ducts Clean Changing the filter is just one way of keeping your home free of dander and allergens. Another way, which is often overlooked, is by cleaning the air vents and ducts inside your home. These run behind the walls, above the ceiling, and under the floor to deliver air throughout the home. Within each duct there may be allergens, dust, pet hair, cobwebs, mold, and other filthy particles you don’t want inside your home. For...

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