3 Questions to Help You Figure Out if It’s Time to Seek Out Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Oct 31, 16 3 Questions to Help You Figure Out if It’s Time to Seek Out Alcohol Abuse Counseling

Dependence on alcohol is often a sign of a bigger problem. It’s a coping mechanism, one that means you weren’t wholly prepared to take in an emotional experience. With about 21.6 million people who suffer from substance abuse and only 4.1 of them seeking out help, Drug Abuse says, it’s clear that a lot of people fail to take in the signs that they need help until it’s too late.

So if you think you or a loved one suffer from alcohol dependence, it’s best to get in touch with a treatment facility or find alcohol abuse counseling in Boulder.

What do counselors do?

A good one will help you identify your core issues. Beyond treating the symptoms, an alcohol abuse counseling in Boulder will help you figure out your behavior patterns and the key emotional issues that might be getting in the way of your personal development. This can be difficult. The goal, after all, is to help you cope and learn how to take in the trauma or devastating experience you have and turn it into something positive.

What to expect?

Be prepared to undergo detox. Some try to do this on their own but that isn’t the best way to go about this. If you’re a frequent and heavy drinker, your body would already be dependent on the alcohol. That could result in withdrawal symptoms too severe for you to handle alone. You will need medical help. A qualified counselor for alcohol abuse can help you choose the right one to get you on the way to recovery.

What are some of the withdrawal symptoms?

Symptoms can go from mild to severe, depending on how dependent your body is to alcohol. It can include shaking, sweating, headaches, nausea or vomiting, anxiety and restlessness, sleep problems, stomach cramps and diarrhea along with a high heart rate and blood pressure.

So if you think you’re ready to get sober, don’t hesitate to seek out a counselor for help and assistance.

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