How to Cover Your Truck Bed Efficiently

Oct 31, 16 How to Cover Your Truck Bed Efficiently

When you use your truck for many of the uses it was designed for and not just collecting your groceries from the superstore, you must think very carefully about the floor liners inside your vehicle and particularly how you protect the bed. A simple installation of Weathertech Digitalfit floor liners will solve all your issues inside the cab, but you will need to choose between a coating liner, a mat for the bed or a hard shell? Which will suit you best?

It Remarkably Easy to Damage the Pickup Area of Your Truck

Should you choose not to protect the bed in your truck, you’ll quickly see a wide range of scratches and dents in the metal surface. When you’ve already spent good money on your Weathertech Digitalfit floor liners you will quickly understand how important it is to protect the floor area in your truck, so now it’s time to decide which covering is best for the bed. Most of the decision is based upon how you intend to use the truck bed.

Consider first, what you expect to carry. Will it be a range of heavy objects, perhaps debris with sharp edges? You might be choosing to move branches and rubble and occasionally lumbar, or use the back of the flatbed to collect goods from your local wholesaler for your store.

Choosing A Specific or Universal Fit

Whichever lining you choose for your flatbed, it is always better to choose a vehicle specific model so that it fits exactly, rather than a universal product where it will almost fit and nearly do the job for you. When you’ve chosen Weathertech Digitalfit floor liners, you will have selected the product because it fits the floor area in the cab perfectly, with a lip around the edge to prevent dirt and debris from getting under the floor liners and onto your carpeting. The same rules apply to find a perfect fit for the flatbed of your truck.

You can choose bed mats which are easy to unroll and then you drop them into the bed area. They are easy to remove because they’re not heavy and you can clean them with a hose.

Bed liners are more likely to be attached to your vehicle either with Velcro or adhesive. You can still remove the liner, but need to refit new adhesive each time.

Some spray on bed liners form a hard coating direct into your bed, but they only look good just before you sell your vehicle as they hide previous damage.

Hard shell plastic liners can withstand rocks being dropped from a reasonable height, so are the best choice for some users.

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