3 Reasons for Drug Testing in Anderson, OH at Work

by | Apr 7, 2015 | Health Care

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For some, drug testing is a regular part of life, but most people only need Drug Testing in Anderson OH, for specific reasons, especially those centered around work. Locations like Eastside Urgent Care look to provide the necessary testing and results in an efficient manner to ensure that employees and employers can get things moving in the right direction. There are several methods used for drug testing, including the collection of urine, saliva, or even blood to determine whether or not a person is under the influence of drugs.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

New employees are often subject to Drug Testing in Anderson OH. An employer wants to know that a person will be dependable and able to perform his or her job consistently. Once a person is offered a position, he or she will need to go in for testing. In these situations, employers cannot hire a person until the results are in.

Random Workplace Drug Testing

Even if everyone passes the pre-employment drug test, it doesn’t mean that all employees are cleared indefinitely. Sometimes, an employer will request a random drug test. In these situations, one or more people will be asked to go in immediately for a drug test. There may be suspicion that one or more employees is using drugs. Other times, the testing is truly random and part of the workplace policy.

Drug Testing After An Incident

If there is a situation at work, the employee involved will be required to go in for drug testing. For example, an incident involving damage to property or equipment, even if it was just an accident, could mean that the employee will be required to go in for a drug test before returning to work. Accidents happen, and testing protects the employee as well as the employer when it comes to assigning responsibility for the accident.

One exception to the drug testing rule occurs when an employee has a written prescription. For example, pain medication may be considered inappropriate for someone to be using at work if he or she does not have a written prescription. Before the test is taken, or once the results are turned in, an employee may be able to provide documentation showing that he or she tested positive because of a prescription given by a medical practitioner. Visit website to know more.

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