3 Signs that You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta GA

May 26, 20 3 Signs that You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta GA

Your home or business’s air conditioning is supposed to keep you cool and comfortable year-round, especially through the hot summer months. But just like every household appliance, your AC unit has a certain life expectancy, and there are some tell-tale signs to warn you that you that your AC is about the bite the dust, and you might be in need of Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta GA.

Unexplained Increase in Utility Bills

If you’re noticing an unusual increase in your electricity bill each month, an old and dirty AC unit may be to blame. Like everything else in your home, your AC unit accumulates dust and wear and tear with time. Because part of the unit located outside, there’s an even greater chance that it will become filthy with dust, dirt and other debris; this impedes efficient operation and the unit will require more power just to cool your home. So put down your bills and call a professional to do some heavy spring cleaning that will end up saving you lots of money.

Strange Noises

You know something is wrong when an appliance starts sounding like a zoo, with all sorts of buzzing and growling noises disturbing the quiet of your home every time you turn on the AC. A whole range of things could be wrong with your unit, from loose screws to bent fan blades, and it’s often difficult to pinpoint the exact issue for yourself. A professional can tighten up and lubricate the right parts, and help you identify if you need a new fan or motor.

Less Comfort Than Usual

Are you ever chilly one minute, and then too warm the next? Your AC unit may be shutting off sporadically, or taking too long to kick in when you home’s temperature reaches its upper limit. Your unit might be located in the wrong place, such as an area that receives direct sunlight, or near the kitchen’s hot stove. If you call a professional for Air Conditioning Repair in Atlanta GA, ask about a potential remodel. You can click to investigate the many AC unit repair services that we offer.

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