3 Tips For Helping You Make a More Successful Workmen Compensation Claim

Feb 24, 21 3 Tips For Helping You Make a More Successful Workmen Compensation Claim

When you’re injured on the job, you’ll have to pursue a workmen compensation claim right after receiving medical treatment. Unfortunately, this can be a stressful process that will inhibit your ability to recover quickly. You can reduce the anxiety this causes by hiring a lawyer who’s familiar with workmen compensation insurance in Minneapolis. Additionally, these tips will also help you file a better claim.

Get Your Own Doctor

You’ll have to talk to your lawyer about the possibility of changing doctors to ensure you follow the rules set out by the state. However, the doctor your employer sends you to see is chosen by the insurance company. If you don’t feel you’re receiving the proper diagnosis and treatment from that doctor, you do have the right to seek a second opinion.

Prepare For an Independent Medical Examination

Despite how this may sound, this isn’t an examination that’s designed to help you. Rather, the insurance company will order this proceeding to re-evaluate the diagnosis and prognosis provided by your doctor. Since the goal is to deny your claim or reduce your benefits, you should discuss this interview with your lawyer in advance.

Watch For Private Investigators

The insurance company won’t restrict themselves to reviews of your medical records. Since their goal is to provide workmen compensation insurance in Minneapolis without having to payout much to their clients’ employees, they will do what they can to disqualify your claim. This includes talking to your friends and co-workers, looking for incriminating photos or comments that you make on social media, or finding evidence that you have been out socializing when you claim to be injured. Any of this criteria can be used to suggest your injury claim is fraudulent, so it’s important to be more cognizant of your actions throughout the claim process.

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