Moving Forward: Tips to Help Seniors Get Used to the Idea of Assisted Living

Feb 24, 21 Moving Forward: Tips to Help Seniors Get Used to the Idea of Assisted Living

People want loved ones to be safe, but sometimes, this is easier to accomplish in a facility. The problem is convincing them to move to an assisted living home in Fairfax, but the following tips may help.

Start Slow

The first thing you want to do is plant the seed in their minds. You don’t want to come to your loved one as if you’ve made up your mind. Just mention that Fairfax assisted living is an option along with other options you may be considering.


You want to make sure your loved one has an opportunity to see some of these options in person. Ask them to visit the assisted living home with you to see if it’s something they might be interested in. If they don’t want to visit when you mention it, then drop it. You don’t want to get your senior angry.

Teachable Moments

It’s important to bring this conversation up at the right time, like if your loved one tripped or something like that. Mention that Fairfax assisted living will not only keep your loved one safer, but it’ll give you peace of mind. Constantly worrying about a loved one is no way to live; make sure your loved one understands that.

A Friend

Sometimes, loved ones don’t know they have friends who’ve made the switch. Find out if some friends have done so, and let your senior talk to the friend. It could be easier to accept a change if they talk to folks who they trust. If not, maybe you can take your loved one to a gathering with other seniors who live in these types of homes.

The Virginian Retirement Community has been providing a great place to live to many folks like your loved one, and they’ve been quite helpful, so go ahead and visit to schedule a tour.

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