3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Wood Fence in Minneapolis

Dec 29, 14 3 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Wood Fence in Minneapolis

It’s that time again! Your poor wooden fence has been through the wash one too many times and has seen its fair share of harsh weather, so now it’s time for a replacement. However, now you have all these old, perfectly usable wood fence planks just lying around. Here are some frugal ways to repurpose your wood fence in Minneapolis into something innovative and endearing.

Picture Frames/Signs

This may seem like a long shot, but it’s actually a commonly used idea. By simply cutting the Wood Fence into smaller pieces and attaching them into a square or rectangle, you can add a rustic flair to any photograph. Laying the planks side-to-side, securing, and painting them are also a popular idea that is not only used for home décor, but also weddings and parties as well.


For your inner book-lover or home office, these fence planks can often be transformed into the perfect shelf. Lining them up for each side and using one or two for each shelf can add a very homey touch to any room or office. Trying out a coat or two of paint can also be useful to provide different looks and styles. They tend to be incredibly sturdy as well, no matter what you put on them.


This may seem odd, but fence planks can be transformed into anything, from chairs to headboards. Chairs are a little bit on the more advanced woodworking side, but they are definitely doable with the right tools. Headboards are much simpler. You simply line up the planks side-by-side, attach and stain, and you have the perfect headboard for a country-themed bedroom. Be sure to examine the wood before you craft with it and make sure it’s not rotten, especially in the case of furniture.

As you can see, your old wood fence planks don’t have to go to waste. There are many useful and imaginative creations that can be salvaged from what would be the next school bonfire. If you have any old wood fence planks, consider repurposing them into something fun instead of taking them to the burn-pile.


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