4 Ways a Disability Lawyer in Temecula CA Can Help Clients Win Their Cases

Feb 13, 19 4 Ways a Disability Lawyer in Temecula CA Can Help Clients Win Their Cases

When a person finds themselves unable to hold a job and needing to pursue a disability claim, they may not know what to expect when they hire a Disability Lawyer in Temecula CA. In most cases, it’s a claimant’s first time going through the process, and a bit of uncertainty is natural. However, it’s important to have the advocacy and advice a lawyer provides. Below are several reasons to hire an experienced attorney.

Initial Claim Preparation

An attorney can initiate the claim by filing it on the client’s behalf. Before doing so, they will ensure that the application contains the information needed to minimize wait times and maximize the award. A disability lawyer should know which documents the Social Security Administration needs so the claim isn’t unnecessarily delayed or denied.

Filing Appeals

When talking to those who receive disability benefits, it’s common to hear about the importance of the appeals process. Most applications are initially denied, which makes appeals preparation a crucial part of a disability lawyer’s job. Many cases involve multiple appeals that are under strict deadlines, and the lawyer should have strategies in place to file those appeals on time.

Evidence Management

The lawyer should ensure that the SSA has the proof it needs to make an award. They should offer detailed information about a client’s hospitalizations and medical treatments so the proper records may be obtained. Sometimes, it may help to present witnesses or get evidence from past employers. A Disability Lawyer in Temecula CA will know which evidence will help a case and form a plan to get it in front of the SSA.

Representation at SSA Hearings

The lawyer will be by the client’s side when they go before a judge at an administrative hearing. Before seeing the judge, the attorney will prepare the client for the hearing by answering any questions they have. During this phase, the attorney gets the information needed to ask the right questions at the hearing, which allows the client to offer persuasive testimony.

As a disability claim progresses, it becomes more complex. Some appeals are taken to federal court, where the case’s presentation requires the writing of legal briefs. These documents should be prepared by lawyers with an in-depth understanding of Social Security’s case law. Visit Erichuntattorney.com to learn more or call the office to request a consultation. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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