5 Axis Machining: Accepting The Challenge Of Increased Part Complexity

Apr 30, 18 5 Axis Machining: Accepting The Challenge Of Increased Part Complexity

Whether you are producing components for medical devices or the aerospace industry, one thing is increasingly obvious. Components are becoming smaller. They also require greater precision and tighter tolerances. One way a machine shop can respond to this challenge is to purchase and install machinery that is more accurate. Increasingly, they are turning to multi-axis, multi-function equipment. Employing 5 axis machining helps machinists address the issues facing modern-day machine shops.

What Is It?

This type of machining uses CNC and a 5-axis machine to move a cutting tool or a component along 5 different axes at the same time. This is multi-axis machining. Its capabilities and qualities make it popular for the production of aerospace parts and medical devices.

Advantages of Multi-Axis Machining

The purpose of utilizing multi-axis equipment such as the 5-axis machine is to improve the cutting and shaping of the workpiece. 5 axis machining allows machinists to produce and reproduce the most intricate of designs. It:

 * Produces precise work
 * Is very efficient
 * Reduces set-up time – this is a done-in-one machine
 * Produces parts quickly
 * Decreases part handling
 * Lessens the risk of errors
 * Offers longer tool life

The 5-axis machine permits the production of very complex parts easily, efficiently and quickly. It has high repeatability allowing machinists to replicate the desired part repeatedly. The machinery accomplishes these goals while retaining high-quality standards.

5 Axis Machining Meeting Today’s Challenges

Industries demand much of their part suppliers. They expect machinists to produce and reproduce highly intricate designs without sacrificing quality. They provide exacting specifications with tight tolerances. They also require the products arrive within a set time and without flaws.

Machine shops are responding to these challenges. They are choosing the best technology capable of addressing the demands while not negatively affecting their production levels or bottom line. For those who wish to meet and even exceed the requirements of their customers successfully, the answer is 5 axis machining.

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