5 Signs to Help You Figure Out Whether to Toss or Repair Your AC

Jun 21, 16 5 Signs to Help You Figure Out  Whether to Toss or Repair Your AC

Signs of AC problems can mean one of two things: your air conditioning system just needs a little tune-up or it’s on its way to giving up the ghost. If you aren’t sure which situation you’re dealing with, then here are handy ways to tell:

Check Your Ducts First

Before you go for a replacement, check your ducts for leaks. The problem might be too easily repaired and you would have wasted your money on a new unit when your old one would have done a fine job, had you thought to check for leaks.

Replace Your Air Filter

Assess your system’s efficiency levels first, says House Logic. You might have nothing more than clogged filters causing problems. If your AC’s performance picks up after you have installed a new air filter, that means all you had to do was get rid of the dirty filter.

Monitor Your Humidity Problems

If you have taken steps to fix the issue and your humidity troubles still continue, then it’s probably not a leak that’s behind your unit’s inefficiency. Your unit might be doing poorly because it has already worked for a good number of years.

Listen for Noises

If you keep hearing some noise in your cooling system, chances are, you need services for AC replacement in Boerne. Those noises could point to a problem in your ductwork, or the indoor coil in your cooling equipment might be compromised.

Keep an Eye on Your Energy Bills

If your energy consumption bills keep rising, despite the bevy of repairs and fixes, then it might be time to accept the fact that your unit is going to go, sooner rather than later.

Don’t be hasty when you’re trying to decide if you need repair or replacement services. Assess the signs before you make a move.

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