Consider geothermal climate control for your new or existing home

Jun 21, 16 Consider geothermal climate control for your new or existing home

If you’re the kind of homeowner who cares about the environment and wants to save money at the same time, investigating a geothermal heating and cooling system for your Syracuse home is essential. Geothermal operates by simply harnessing the energy that is stored on your own property. The energy from the sun that irradiates the earth’s crust on a daily basis is stored in the earth and can be used to provide energy that drives an excellent climate control system. This system operates highly efficiently and the hot and cold air will be delivered through a duct system, the same as most other traditional climate control measures. As geothermal experts will tell you, you have clean energy that is literally to be found in your backyard, and these systems provide a way to use it.

Your new build requirements
Any home can have a geothermal system installed, but it would be particularly convenient if you are building a new home. You then can plan to have this efficient and most luxurious system fitted and have total peace of mind that you will have a stable source of energy in the future. You will be completely independent of the price or availability of fossil fuels. Not only will you have a source of energy that will last as long as the earth does, but you will also have constant cost-savings, which mean that you are immune from soaring energy prices.

As there is such a strong push towards environmental methodology today, particularly when it comes to producing energy, if you install a geothermal product in your new home, you’ll also be eligible for a 30% reduction in the cost of the installation from a federal tax credit that has been recently implemented. This will help make your savings even greater, and you’ll be able to add the cost of the installation to your mortgage. It is estimated that the additional mortgage cost will be offset by your savings by using a geothermal system.

Install geothermal today
With all this in mind, why wouldn’t you want to look at a more economical, greener, stable solution to your climate control? The energy you’ll use will come from a reliable source, which is more predictable than solar or wind power. It’s highly efficient for heating and cooling and no fuel is needed to run the system. The system is accessible in most places and Nodine’s in the Syracuse area is a supplier you can contact for more details.

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