A Competent Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wichita Can Help You Make a Fresh Start in Life

Some creditors are very aggressive and will use any means to collect even a small portion of what you owe them. Abusive, unsavory creditors sometimes call people at home and work all hours of the day, threaten people with jail, and pretend to be lawyers. Luckily, there are laws in place to protect consumers from these kinds of actions. A qualified Bankruptcy Lawyer in Wichita like the ones at Business Name can interpret federal bankruptcy laws to his clients to help them make a fresh start in life.

Bankruptcy laws are in place to help individuals who don’t have the money to pay their bills. Some people have to choose between putting food on the table and paying a credit card bill. Many bills have excessive fees and interest rates attached to them that makes it practically impossible to pay them off. Bankruptcy laws can help a debtor by allowing him to make a repayment plan or selling his assets to pay his debts. By seeing a competent Bankruptcy lawyer in Wichita, a person or other entity can file for a legal status that helps protect his assets and income.

Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution gives Congress the authority to pass bankruptcy laws that are fair and uniform in nature. Title 11 of the United States Code is the Bankruptcy Code. The Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure along with the Bankruptcy Code detail how bankruptcy cases are supposed to be carried out. This includes the documents that have to be filled out. All bankruptcy cases are decided by a United States Bankruptcy judge. Since much of the bankruptcy process is administrative in nature, most work is done away from the courthouse.

If you think you want to file for bankruptcy, there are some items to bring to your first appointment with a bankruptcy lawyer. It’s imperative that you bring your most recent tax returns. Go back three to four years for this. Also, gather your paycheck stubs for the last six months and make a detailed list of your current monthly expenses. Your bankruptcy lawyer will tell you the other documents and supporting papers you need to start this process.

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