The Relationship Between Plants and Top Soil in Connecticut

Did you know that the top layer of soil in your yard is extremely important to the the overall health of your lawn and gardens, as well as the exterior landscaping of your home? If you didn’t, do not despair; you are among the vast majority of local residents that have no idea how important a healthy top soil is to their yard. In fact, many people may have made the mistake of thinking that their green thumb is broken due to an inability to keep their plants healthy when the reality is that they have simply overlooked an important element in their lawn and gardening efforts.

The truth is that Top soil in Connecticut is actually extremely important to the health of your lawn. Top soil is the first few inches of soil that your plants generally grow in and is responsible for holding onto the important nutrients that your plants need to grow and stay healthy. Your plants will then return the favor and grow longer, stronger root systems in order to strengthen the top soil, creating a continuous cycle of strengthening and supporting each other that is almost symbiotic in nature.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, “what the heck does symbiotic mean?” A symbiotic relationship is one in which two completely different organisms rely on each other in order to grow stronger and healthier. You see, you can’t have a healthy layer of Top soil in Connecticut for very long without support from a healthy root system to keep it in place. The plants that grow in the top soil also help it to retain the nutrients it is meant to hold. Those nutrients come largely from plants that have reached the end of their life cycle and are decomposing into the top soil, giving back the nutrients it once gave to them.

Likewise, your plants can’t grow and stay healthy for long without a healthy top soil providing them with the nutrients they need to stay strong. So you see, the top soil and the plants growing in it need each other. Not only do they need each other, but they need each other to be strong. You can grow a healthy plant system simply by installing a healthy layer of top soil and the process will begin to take care of itself from there, often with little assistance from you once the ball is rolling.

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