A Fast Bail Bondsman in Fairfield, CT Assists Defendants Charged in a Broad Range of Offenses

May 23, 19 A Fast Bail Bondsman in Fairfield, CT Assists Defendants Charged in a Broad Range of Offenses

Not all criminal activity is violent, even at felony levels. Stealing a car, shoplifting expensive jewelry, burglarizing a home, and possessing cocaine for personal use are all considered nonviolent crimes. The same is true for so-called white-collar crimes like embezzlement, fraud, racketeering and computer hacking. A fast bail bondsman in Fairfield, CT is ready to assist defendants charged with either violent or nonviolent offenses.

Preferred Bonding Service Features

People who want to apply for a bond for a loved one’s release from jail typically prefer certain features in the organization they call. They want the service of a fast bail bondsman in Fairfield, CT so the defendant does not have to wait any longer than necessary. This often means being able to receive service at any time of day and on any day of the week. They may need a payment arrangement for the service fee with a low down payment to start.

Automatic Bail Schedules

Automatic bail schedules have set bail amounts for specific and common nonviolent offenses, making it a faster process. When the offense is not listed on that chart, the defendant must wait for a bail hearing. Judges look at several factors when deciding on the amount.

Factors Considered in Bail Hearings

One factor a judge considers is whether the person might be dangerous when at large in the community after release. Another is whether or not the defendant is likely to run away to evade the potential consequences. For instance, a school secretary who has embezzled thousands of dollars over many years probably won’t be viewed as a potential danger to the community. The flight risk must be considered, however.

The process of judges setting bail amounts can seem somewhat random and irrational to defendants and their families. It’s possible for one person who stole a car to be released without bail while another charged with the same crime faces bail of $10,000. That defendant may need help from an organization such as Aces Bail Bonds if nobody in the family has that much saved up to use for bail. Contact us to get started.

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