A Simple Funeral Program in Bel Air

Mar 29, 18 A Simple Funeral Program in Bel Air

Family members are stressed, grief-stricken, and often depressed directly after the death of a loved one. Whether the event was expected or suddenly makes no difference. It is never an easy time. Unfortunately, arrangements have to be finalized and decisions have to be made regarding a funeral. To make the process as smooth as possible, some companies have funeral packages that include basic and necessary services and costs.

An Example

One example of how to simplify the process is the Funeral Program in Bel Air offered by Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services. The Patriot Package is available in a one-day viewing option and a two-day viewing option, if the casket is purchased from the funeral home. Essentials included are the transfer of remains to the funeral home and the basic services of the funeral director and staff. That covers the embalming, dressing, casketing, hair-styling, and cosmetology processes.

This Funeral Program in Bel Air also covers viewing for one or two full days, the funeral ceremony, a limousine, the hearse, and a flower van. The items excluded from the program are cash advance items, a memorial package, and the casket outer burial vault. Those costs can be found on the general price list and will be added to the total cost. Complete details are available when family members visit the website.

Other Options

The program is offered for convenience and to expedite the process but in no way is mandatory. Customized services can be created when specific services are selected from the list of all services and packages offered. Family members can decide what to include according to preferences and budgets. Pre-planning a funeral or cremation is also an option that can lock in current pricing and eliminate the burden of planning for grieving relatives.

Selection Guidance

Staff at the funeral home are available to assist the family in making decisions by providing education and suggestions. This is helpful because there are facts that are not common knowledge. The process of embalming, for example, can be eliminated to save money, as it is not required by law. The only time it is required is if there will be viewing. That information alone can save thousands of dollars.

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