Common Myths About Cremation in Bel Air, MD

Mar 19, 20 Common Myths About Cremation in Bel Air, MD

After a loved one dies, many people feel a connection to the gravesite, even though the soul is thought to have passed on, and the body is all that is left. This is why cremation is so popular with many people. It allows them to bring their loved one home with them instead of having to visit a gravesite. It also alleviates the guilt of not visiting the gravesite when time and distance become an issue.

There are many myths about cremation that continue to be widely believed. In the interest of people being as informed as possible before making the decision to cremate a loved one, I’ve outlined some of those myths below.

Cremation is Environmentally Friendly

Many people feel that cremation will help do their part for the environment by taking up less space in the earth, and by avoiding polluting the earth with chemicals that can leach into it. And while that is absolutely true, they will still have some negative impact on the environment during cremation services In Bel Air, Maryland.

The process uses fossil fuels which, when burned, has a negative impact on the environment. Even though filters are widely used in crematoriums, the resulting fumes are toxic to breathe in.

The environmentally friendly practices are direct burial (no casket) and resomation (water and alkali based method of breaking down the body).

Cremation Goes Against Most Religious Beliefs

There is only one religion, Judaism, which absolutely forbids cremation. All other religions are completely open to cremation nowadays, as the dishonor that used to be held with cremations is not as strongly believed as it used to be. Catholics do prefer burial, but cremation is still allowed by church laws.

If you are not sure what your religions viewpoint is on cremation, then it is best to ask your church leader what they think about cremation so that you can make an informed decision based around your religious beliefs.

Fire is Used For Cremation

Fire was used once upon a time, but now cremation is done by using extremely high heat which, in the end, leaves only bone fragments. Then the bone is processed and turned into an ash which is what is given to the loved one.

Cremation is Always Less Expensive than Burial

While it can be cheaper than your normal burial, it is not always the cheapest route. If you are going to have a funeral then there are many options, and prices, available to you which can eventually end up costing your more than a burial if you are not careful.

Ultimately, when choosing between having your loved one cremated or buried the decision comes down to your preferences and their wishes. If you choose to cremate your loved one then be sure to familiarize yourself with the crematorium, so that you can ensure they are professional in their practices and respectful of a family member’s wishes. Any professional crematorium should allow you to view their facilities and understand what processes are put in place. Contact Evans Funeral Chapel and Cremation Services to know more abourt cremation.

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