A Truck Accident Which Injures You Requires an Experienced Accident Attorney Albuquerque

An accident caused by a truck exceeds any damage a car accident could cause. If you were injured in a truck accident you should contact an attorney who is experienced in handling truck accident cases. These cases are unlike any car accident case. Trucking companies have experienced attorneys and so do their insurance companies. Truck drivers are well trained to say nothing. The driver will be on the phone immediately getting information to the company and getting his instructions from the company.

You or a member of your family should make a note of your injuries along with the names of witnesses and their phone numbers, and the identities of the EMS crew. The attorney will obtain the name of the investigating police officer and a copy of the police report.

He will look at the road conditions and the condition of the truck. There may be obvious problems with the condition of the truck such as bald tires, worn brakes, and bad steering mechanisms. Your attorney will conduct a thorough background check on the driver. He will be looking for a history of unsafe driving practices, DWIs, and other forms of misconduct. The history of the truck’s maintenance will be examined by your attorney. All of these steps are designed to show whether the trucking company or the driver could be at fault.

Your attorney will follow your medical treatment as he constructs the case against the trucking company and the driver. He will ask a consulting doctor, if necessary, to confirm any diagnosis made by your doctors. He will also obtain all of the medical records beginning when the EMS crew took you to the hospital. All x-rays, MRIs, CT Scans and other radiology reports will be obtained. All of these documents will be used to show the extent of your injuries and the justification for your prognosis.

With all of this information assembled and studied, your attorney will put together a proposal for the trucking company and their insurance carrier. When your attorney presents the proposal he will demand a settlement figure which may be refused. Your attorney will be an experienced trial attorney recommended by Accident Attorney Albuquerque. He will not be timid in the court room which is very good for your case;you need an aggressive attorney who will fight for you. The Killion Law Firm is an example of an aggressive law firm.

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