A Variety of Service Levels Are Available for In-Home Care in Orland Park

Sep 11, 20 A Variety of Service Levels Are Available for In-Home Care in Orland Park

In-home care in Orland Park is offered with a variety of service levels. Many individuals simply need a personal care aide or home companion who doesn’t provide any type of nursing care. A companion might simply spend time talking with the client, or the two might play cards or watching TV together. This individual might also do light housekeeping. Personal in-home care in Orland Park aide would provide more hands-on assistance, such as washing the client’s hair and trimming his or her fingernails. Helping the client get to the bathroom as needed or provide a sponge bath may be part of the assigned duties. If the client is mobile enough, the aide might bring this person to appointments or just out for an enjoyable ride.

Certified nursing assistants generally do more tasks that would normally be provided in a nursing home or hospital in addition to the duties that the other two types of aides provide. Not all approved nursing assistant duties can legally be done in a home setting, however. Also, certain nursing assistant tasks can only be done after a doctor’s order.

All these caregivers can make a big difference in the quality of life for people with a certain level of disability, and for their families as well. Disabled individuals may be able to continue living at home for a long time if they receive this level of care. The family members do not need to worry about the person being left alone for hours when none of the relatives can be there.

Families increasingly choose In-Home Care in Orland Park for their loved ones. An elderly parent may be dealing with moderate dementia, for example, but can still safely live at home with supervision. An individual with advanced multiple sclerosis may need mobility assistance much of the time but otherwise can accomplish most daily living tasks. This type of help, as provided by a company such as Home & Hearth Caregivers, is also beneficial for someone who is only temporarily disabled. The condition might be due to illness, a stroke, recovery from extensive surgery, or a serious injury from an accident.

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