Amenities Typically Found In Luxury Furnished Apartments In Chicago

Aug 31, 15 Amenities Typically Found In Luxury Furnished Apartments In Chicago

If you are like many businessmen, you hate living in hotels, because it can seem impersonal and lonely. Many companies would very much prefer to send you to luxury furnished apartments in Chicago rather than a hotel because the expense is less. Plus, you’ll get all the added benefits of the various amenities offered. Each apartment building will have its amenities, but you will get a general idea of what’s in store for you and how much it could help you relax.


While you probably won’t have time to catch a show or do a lot of sight-seeing, you may need to find an excellent fine dining option to take the clients to or something similar. The concierge service will be able to help you and can get you reservations for almost anything or anywhere you need. This means you have someone helping in the background to ensure the deal goes well.

Fitness Centers

While most people don’t use the fitness centers and other options available to them, you will have it available. Working out can relieve stress, and you’ll find strength training equipment, as well as cardio and stretching areas to get a great workout. If you enjoy yoga, you’ll find an outdoor yoga studio so you can find your Zen again.

Pool/Hot Tubs

Whether you want to get all sweaty and workout first or just wish to dip into the fresh water to relax, you’ll find that many luxury furnished apartments in Chicago offer pools and hot tubs, for your relaxation needs. Sweat it out in the hot tub or cool off in the pool, whichever your body needs at that moment.

Gaming/Lounge Room

Most men and women enjoy gaming to some degree. Whether you like watching sporting matches or want to play some pool, you’ll love the fact that a gaming and lounge room are available. Many will offer complimentary coffee bars, so you can relax, read the paper and have a cup of coffee. No matter what you want to do, you’ll likely find it on the premise, meaning you won’t have to leave the apartment to find what you want.

Dog Runs/Grooming

If you must take your pets with you, you’ll find that most places will welcome them and offer grooming stations and private dog runs, so your pet gets the exercise and attention they deserve.

Luxury furnished apartments in Chicago aren’t just for corporate travelers, but can work for such. Whether you are a businessman or someone who wants to take advantage of luxurious accommodations, visit Pinnacle Furnished Suites today to learn more.

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