When And How Often Should Your Pet See A Veterinarian In Chicago

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Health Care

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You know that children and yourself need to see the doctor once a year or more frequently, but some people don’t think of their furry friends needing to see a veterinarian in Chicago. It can sometimes be difficult to know when they should see their vet or how often, especially if you are a new pet owner.

Baby Pets (Up To A Year)

Kittens and puppies need extra care because they’ll require certain vaccinations and need to be checked to ensure they’re growing properly. Therefore, you will probably be visiting the vet every month or so for the first 16 weeks that you own your pet so that they can get their vaccines. Dogs will need to have a rabies shot and boosters, as well as distemper-parvo and may also get vaccines for kennel cough and other “social” diseases in dogs. This is especially important if you are going to leave your dog at a kennel while you travel.

Cats are usually tested for certain viruses and will get vaccines to protect against disease.

Heartworm and tick prevention are also started at this age, and you’ll probably be asked to bring them in once every six months for a regular checkup.

Adult Pets (One to 10 years)

Once your pet turns one, up until they are seven to ten years old, you will bring them in once a year for a checkup. The veterinarian in Chicago will give them a full physical, as well as take blood samples and any other tests the vet recommends. You will probably need to get rabies boosters every three years though each state has its laws and recommendations for rabies prevention care.

Senior Pets (Seven-10 To Older)

Older pets, just like younger ones, will likely need extra attention and care from veterinarians, so you may be asked to bring them in once every six months. Vaccines will be administered when they’re needed, and a thorough physical will be performed. You may find that older pets need more tests to check for certain problems, such as urine and blood tests, which can help find problems with thyroids and the kidneys.

You should make notes of any changes in normal behavior, such as drinking more water than normal, not eating with as much gusto or not being excited about going on walks, as they used to be. These could be signs of disease or problems, such as arthritis or kidney illness and should be looked into immediately.

A veterinarian in Chicago will help your dog or cat stay healthy for many years, bringing you and your family a lot of joy. Visit Portage Park Animal Hospital and Dental Clinic today to learn more.

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