An Overview of Auto Glass And How It Has Evolved Over The Years

The auto glass on our vehicles allows us to be in our vehicles driving safely during extreme weather conditions and allows you to be safe from potential debris that could be flying around the road from you or other drivers. However, it was not always this way. When vehicles where first invented you were pretty well exposed to whatever what was outside instead of being in a little capsule of safety like you would be today. This makes you realize how much you might take for granted not having to drive around with a helmet and goggles like some may have had to day way back when. Knowing the history of vehicles is important to some but should be important to more of us as we have come a long way and that should not be overlooked.

Different Auto Glass Innovations From Over the Years

The first auto glass that was put in a vehicle would have been more like the glass you would find in windows on a house, which actually made driving more safe if you did not have the windows as they were very capable of shattering. It was not until 1903 that a French chemist accidentally discovered that a certain compound stopped the glass from breaking into shards but just cracked and would generally stay together. This was a huge innovation but was not used on an automobile until the 1920’s when it became evident that the glass they currently used in vehicles was more of a hazard than a precaution.

This is known as laminated glass which was great for its time but did not quite stop things from going right through the windshield. In 1960 there was a big uprising to make vehicles safer which resulted in today’s design which consists of a piece of poly vinyl material between two thick pieces of glass.

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