Are There More Subtle Methods of Straightening Teeth in Chicago, Illinois?

Mar 25, 20 Are There More Subtle Methods of Straightening Teeth in Chicago, Illinois?

Most of the teeth straightening treatments such as wearing braces take a long time to complete. Some people can wear braces for up to two years. This period is long, and it isn’t easy considering that you must give up some foods and deal with the effects of wearing braces. So, are there more subtle treatment options for straightening misaligned teeth?

Dental braces are still popular among adolescents, who often view them as a bridge to adulthood. Many teenagers also prefer metal braces because they are easily customizable with colored elastics. Many of the young people make metal braces their fashion statement.

But braces for adults it’s a different thing. The thought of wearing metal braces for 18 months can be highly daunting. Metal braces aren’t quite compatible with the busy professional life. That’s why a dentist in Bloomingdale recommends the following treatment options for teeth straightening.


Invisalign refers to a series of clear and removable orthodontic aligners that help in straightening crooked teeth without using metal or wires. These customized aligners move teeth progressively into place over time. Adults can use aligners alone, or they can combine them with other straightening treatments.

Clear Ceramic Braces

A dentist in Bloomingdale may also recommend clear ceramic braces for adults with severely misaligned teeth. These braces are clear, and many people can’t notice them from a couple of feet away.

There are a variety of teeth straightening treatments suitable for adults. Contact Pure Dental Spa to learn about the available teeth straightening treatment. You can also visit their website to schedule an appointment.

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