Are You in Need of Trailer Service in Shingle Springs?

Nov 13, 17 Are You in Need of Trailer Service in Shingle Springs?

Trailer owners need to make sure they routinely check their trailer for any signs of problems. Wear and tear can occur, making a trailer dangerous to operate. This is why it is so important to regularly check the trailer for a full inspection to ensure no damage has occurred. If any damage is found, it is imperative the owner seeks immediate Trailer Service Shingle Springs so their trailer will be safe for hauling.

Helpful Tips For Inspecting a Trailer

The following areas need to be checked on a regular basis. Ideally, certain areas should be checked before each load is hauled to ensure there are no dangers in place that could lead to accidents or damage.

• The tires need to be checked on a regular basis because their tread can begin to wear down, leading to dangerous conditions. It is also important the tire pressure is checked with a proper gauge. If the tread is low, the tires need to be replaced. Should the pressure be low, air needs to be added before the trailer is used.

• It is important an owner checks the wiring to ensure the trailer lights work properly. It is against the law to operate a trailer without properly working taillights so other drivers will be warned when the trailer is stopping or about to make a turn. Checking the wiring on a regular basis can prevent accidents and the driver from getting a ticket.

• Owners need to make sure they check the chains of their trailer to ensure they are not becoming corroded and damaged. If the links are becoming rusted and damaged, it is time to have the chain replaced to ensure the trailer will not become dislodged from the hitch.

• It is important to check the bearings and have them greased at least once a year. It is wise for an owner to have their bearings greased by a professional since over-greasing the bearings can lead to problems in wheel operation.

Seek Service Today

If any issues are found with a trailer, it is imperative an owner seeks immediate Trailer Service Shingle Springs. To learn more about these services, visit Contact Vintage Transport right away so your repairs can be scheduled.

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