Bed Bugs 101: A Handy Guide For Home Owners

Aug 13, 19 Bed Bugs 101: A Handy Guide For Home Owners

No one likes to be bitten by pests, let alone while they sleep. To keep your family safe, keep an eye out for that most dastardly of night-time nuisances: bed bugs.

Check the Sheets

Look for red or rust-colored stains on sheets and mattresses, a sign that bugs have been crushed in your wake. Likewise, dark or brown marks could indicate excrement, or perhaps even the critters themselves. When inspecting your sheets, pay particularly attention to corners and seams.

Be Thorough

Apt to infest any soft fabric, you’ll want to check more than just the bedroom for those blood-sucking bugs. Inspect furniture, closets, and any materials that you recently took along in travel. In all locations, thoroughly inspect the entire surroundings, from cracks and crevices to windows and walls.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Even the cleanest of homes and hotels can harbour bed bugs, and you’ll want to take extra precautions after returning home from a trip out of town. Wash and dry clothes on high heat, and leave luggage in the hot car for a day or two (bed bugs cannot survive temperatures at/around 120°F). En route, store luggage in plastic bags, and keep it away from beds and furniture.

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