Being Balanced When Dealing With Spine Pain in Jacksonville

Dec 02, 21 Being Balanced When Dealing With Spine Pain in Jacksonville

It can be challenging to learn how to live with spine pain in Jacksonville. It can feel like you are constantly walking a fine line between getting the things you need to get done and not overexerting yourself.

Most people who live with spine pain in Jacksonville have some good days, and they have some bad days. On good days, they may feel motivated to get up and do things. However, if they overexert themselves, their good days are followed by several bad days.

One of the keys to learning to live with spine pain is learning how to strike a balance between forcing your body to move as it should and overexerting yourself. Just because you have spine pain does not mean that you should not challenge yourself physically.

Taking it too easy on yourself can be just as detrimental in handling spine pain as overexerting yourself. Activity can help in the recovery process as long as it is not too much or for too long. Exercises that focus on strengthening abdominal muscles and back muscles can stabilize you and minimize the chance of future injury.

It is best to have a conversation with a knowledgeable medical professional when determining how much you should be pushing yourself and when you need to take it easy.

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