Bring the Fun to Your Next Event with an Arcade Truck

Mar 31, 20 Bring the Fun to Your Next Event with an Arcade Truck

Gaming is an activity that connects generations. From arcade birthday parties to at-home consoles and cell phone apps, people are constantly playing games, so why not make games a big part of your next event? Here are just some reasons why you should consider renting an arcade truck in Bergen, NJ.

Have Your Party Anywhere

Love games but don’t want to hit the arcade for your birthday? You don’t have to! Arcade trucks can meet you at a variety of locations, so whether you want to have your party at home, a park, or some other dream destination, chances are a video game truck can set up there.


When you can park an arcade truck at a venue, you don’t have to restrict your party activities to just those offered at a typical arcade. You can have your games plus caterers and entertainment of your choosing.


Not only will a mobile arcade show up where and when you need it, but they can also host your party inside the truck/bus so that you don’t have to worry about setting up before or cleaning up after. Arcade trucks also come with experienced staff that can run and supervise parties so adults can enjoy themselves elsewhere.

Lots of Fun in Minimal Space

While you can fit plenty of guests into a gaming truck, guests can also enjoy outdoor gaming areas and stages. If an arcade truck in Bergen, NJ, sounds like the perfect addition to your next party, check out Rockin Gaming Parties for more information on their services.

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