Celebrate with a College Basketball Championship Ring

You are the best in the Conference and you have helped your college team win the championship this year. After the parties are over and the media attention has moved on to the next big news story, you will still have a memento to remind you of that last game. You will have a College Basketball Championship Ring that has been customized for the team and cannot be duplicated for anyone else. It is a one-of-a-kind ring selected from one of 20 styles available and has your name engraved on the inside. There were four basketball insignias to choose from, and this one has your number displayed on a gold basketball on the side. It looks really good and it shines with a finish that just won’t quit. Oh, yes, this is a ring you are very proud of, and rightfully so.

This Best College Basketball Championship Ring was custom made and hand finished by the J. Jenkins Sons Company, which has over 100 years experience in crafting rings. This piece of jewelry is special and is guaranteed forever. You can retain bragging rights and make sure this championship lives on and on through the stories you will tell and re-tell until your family can recite them word for word. You look at this ring and all the practice time, the sacrifices, and the pain of those rare defeats melt from memory. You recall each team member, every pre-game speech from the coach, and each victory celebration throughout that entire season. Glory days that will stay with you for a lifetime, all represented in that one College Basketball Championship Ring.

Other jewelry is also available, including high school class rings, military rings and Masonic rings with many styles and details from which to choose. Other custom designs are offered as well in pendants, key rings and commemorative awards. In addition to various collections, you can choose stone types, cuts and styles, activities, interests, music and vocational designs to adorn your ring. Rings can be customized for an individual, a team, a school or a profession. If you have something in mind that you have not been able to find, designers and craftsmen can help you realize your vision.

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