Getting Top Dollar with a Reputable Coin Dealer in Edmond

For most people there comes a time when they consider selling their coins, diamonds, silver or gold. Whether the reason for selling is to recoup some money for hospital bill expenses, a vacation or a down payment for a dream home, it’s imperative for individuals to make sure that they get every penny out of their coin collection. Read on for more insight.

Screen Available Coin Dealers

Get in touch with several coin dealers and ask them a number of questions to ascertain their level of knowledge. Ask them about their specialty and what references they employ. Additionally, ask for referrals. After deciding on the ideal Coin Dealer in Edmond, individuals should prepare their coin collection for appraisal by the dealer.

Inventory Everything in Advance

Aside from helping to ensure the individual is paid for every currency coin, it also helps the coin dealer who’s buying the coins by providing an inventory of every coin to be listed on their appraisal sheets. Individuals can then compare their inventory lists against the dealer’s appraisal list. If there are any discrepancies, it proves that the dealer is dishonest.

Don’t Clean the Coins

Coins are worth a lot more the way they are. Cleaned coins can be expected to be undervalued by at least one complete grade. Moreover, cleaned coins make selling such a hard task because cleaning leaves fine scratches on the coin. For those harshly cleaned coins, they are likely to be undervalued several grades. Using cleaning solvents on coins leaves chemical deposits in the coins’ valleys which may be hard to rinse off. These chemical deposits will further wear away the coin in due course.

Schedule an Appraisal

Individuals should let the Coin Dealer in Edmond know about their type of coin collection so that the dealer can bring the right reference materials for the appraisal. Generally, appraisals take some time to carry out. A good rule of thumb is that a shoebox full of currency coins requires at least an hour to correctly appraise.

A person’s experience when selling their coins should be as unforgettable as the time they invested during collection.  always does everything in their power to help clients get top dollar for their coin collection.

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