Chiropractors And The Services They Offer

Jan 14, 19 Chiropractors And The Services They Offer

If you are like many people, you may think that a chiropractor is a good option for you, but may wondering if they will be able to offer the services you need. It can sometimes be easy to find this information online, but it also helps to have it all in one spot. Chiropractors can help with a broad range of problems though most people only think of neck and back pain.


When you don’t stand or sit up straight, you are putting more pressure and stress on your other joints. It can seem painful to sit/stand up straight when you haven’t been doing so, but over time, a chiropractor can help. They will probably ask you to move around and sit, paying close attention to your body position. They can offer spinal alignments, measure for deviations and strength, provide joint mobility and flexibility tests and more. They may also be able to suggest strengthening or ‘lengthening’ exercises to help the posture.

Neck/Back Pain

After being examined and tested in various ways, you’ll find out what is causing the pain and be offered treatment options. Typical treatments can include manual adjustments, exercise, nutritional counselling and more. For neck pain, they may provide cervical manipulation, which can help loosen up the vertebrae in the neck. They may also search for pinched nerves or spasms. They can also twist the neck sharply to snap the vertebrae into alignment again.


When your sciatic nerve is compressed, you will likely feel pain in the lower back or the buttocks. It can also travel to the legs and groin. There are many sciatica disorders, such as pregnancy, herniated discs, lumbar spinal subluxations and non-spinal problems, like constipation or diabetes. Treatment options can include nerve stimulation, ultrasound, spinal manipulations, ice therapy and more.

Jaw Problems

If you have temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), you understand about jaw pain and problems. Many people will seek pain medication, which will work to reduce the pain, but won’t heal the jaws. Instead, chiropractors offer their services to help stop the jaw pain and the primary problem. They may suggest lifestyle changes that could help reduce the pain, but they may also ease the pain by finding a misalignment between your nervous system and spine. This can relax the muscles and adjust your joints so that things run more smoothly overall.

If you are interested in chiropractors and the services they offer, you’re not alone. Visit Back & Neck Care Center of North County today to learn more about what they can treat, or learn more about the chiropractor.

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