Choosing The Best Options For Your Thermal Printer: Zebra Thermal Labels

Thermal printing is becoming a more common way of providing necessary labels such as barcodes to various products. Different industries currently employ it. Technological developments have increased its ability to be more generalized than specialized. Thermal technology does require specific attention be paid to the choice of materials including labels such as Zebra thermal labels. Moreover, it requires companies know the different technologies before they decide what type of thermal printing they adopt.

What Is Thermal Printing?

This type of printing falls into two major categories:

1. Direct Thermal Printing
2. Thermal Transfer Printing
Both of these methods employs a thermal printhead. This utilizes heat directly onto the surface of the specified material. However, the specifics differ for each type of thermal printing. Direct thermal printing produces the image directly on the material; thermal transfer printing employs a heated ribbon.

Thermal Label Printing

In thermal printing, labels will react differently. The temperature requires the use of specific labels to achieve the best results possible. By choosing the wrong label, the result will not exhibit any of the desirable qualities people come to expect from thermal printing – direct or transfer.

In the case of direct thermal printing, the label must be heat sensitive. For thermal transfer, the ribbon must be heated. This makes products of the former more light, heat, and abrasion sensitive. For some, thermal transfer printing results in a more durable result with improved longevity. Zebra thermal labels, for example, are available for both types of printers. Costs for direct thermal over transfer labels tend to be higher.

Zebra Thermal Labels

Thermal printing is a method of providing high-quality and precise commercial and industrial products such as bar coding labels. Companies may employ either direct thermal or thermal transfer forms to meet their goals. In either instance, the choice of media needs to be specific. Zebra thermal labels, available for both processes are one viable and affordable option.

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