Why are Breast Forms Important?

Apr 28, 17 Why are Breast Forms Important?

After a mastectomy, many women opt to forego reconstructive surgery. For these women, breast forms can restore balance to the body’s appearance, particularly for women who have a single mastectomy.

However, there are reasons to wear a breast form beyond the cosmetic. Products like Ameona breast forms are weighted, so they provide the approximate weight of your missing breast tissue, in addition to providing the appearance of a breast.

The balance this breast form provides is good for your body. Many women don’t realize that the loss of body balance that occurs when you lose one breast can cause back pain, hunched shoulders, and even curvature of the spine. That’s why it’s important to wear breast forms if you choose not to have reconstructive surgery.

Products like Ameona breast forms are covered by your insurance, too. This means you can have a new form made every two years at no cost. These feel like regular breast tissue. Even when someone hugs you, they will never know you’re wearing a prosthetic.

When it’s time for you to begin wearing breast forms, usually a few weeks after surgery, you’ll be fitted by a specialist, who will help you choose the perfect Ameona breast forms for you. You’ll then choose specially designed bras that contain pockets to hold the forms. This ensures that the form feels comfortable and stays put inside your bra. Mastectomy bras come in a wide range of styles and colors, so you can choose bras similar to those you wore pre-surgery.

Ameona breast forms can help you begin to feel and look more natural as soon as you have healed from surgery. These products are durable and comfortable, helping ensure you get your life back to normal just as soon as possible after surgery.

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