Choosing Versatile Toy Haulers in Des Moines IA

Today’s recreational vehicles come in an amazing array of options, and there is one for every type of traveler and camper. From simple small travel trailers to fifth wheels and motor homes, campers can relax or play in any style they choose. Those who want to take their favorite “toys” along have great options available too, in the form of toy hauler RVs. Toy haulers are increasing in popularity, and are just the thing for hauling ATVs, motorcycles, street bikes, snowmobiles, small boats, jet skis, or even small automobiles. Toy Haulers Des Moines IA can be found at great RV dealerships such as Imperial RV Center.

A toy hauler is an RV that has the living quarters in the front of the RV, and a “garage” or cargo area in the rear. A ramp door opens downward for ease of loading or unloading the “toys.” Toy haulers are available in various lengths, from about twelve feet to forty feet long. Some of the larger ones are also wide, at about eight feet six inches, with eight feel ceilings. This creates a more “open” feeling, and some travelers who do not even have toys to haul prefer toy hauler RVs for this reason. Toy haulers often have furniture in the cargo area, such as beds or couches, which fold up against the wall or disappear up into the ceiling when not in use. Some of the larger toy haulers even have bunk beds in the cargo area. Toy haulers often have larger fresh water tanks and built-in generators. These features come in handy for those who like to camp with their toys off-road in remote locations.

The toy hauler is a versatile RV whose cargo bay can be used for many other things besides hauling toys. For example, many vendors use the extra space for their merchandise as they travel between shows, craft fairs, or flea markets. Families enjoy the option of more space when extra friends or family members are along. Full-timers or those who are on an extended trip can always use extra storage space. Whatever the reason for a toy hauler, versatile Toy Haulers Des Moines IA can be found for every camping lifestyle.

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