Clinic in Maui Meets Basic and Urgent Medical Needs

by | Aug 2, 2014 | Health Care

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When you need basic medical care or when you are ill or injured while traveling or simply need your prescription refilled you want to know that there is care and facilities available. A Clinic in Maui can provide the type of care you need, whether you need family medical care, urgent or minor emergency care, hormone therapy, sports or work physicals, immunizations or tuberculosis testing, or wound care.

When you have a family doctor it can be beneficial to you and your family. Family doctors specialize in general medicine and in treating the whole patient. This means they can treat chronic and acute conditions and they are aware of nuances in the family.

Some clinics can handle urgent care. Urgent care treatment would be for minor non-life-threatening emergencies or ailments such as an asthma attack or ankle sprain. If a medication is required after the visit the clinic may have a pharmacy on site so you do not have to travel anywhere else. Wound treatment involves the dressing of a laceration. If a wound is deep enough it may need stitches and depending on how the wound occurred, i.e. a dog/animal bite or a puncture wound i.e. stepping on a nail, extra care may be needed to ensure there is no infection or risk of tetanus.

Hormone therapy can be used to reduce the symptoms of menopause: hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, for example. It has also been shown to reduce the risk of uterine cancer.

For some jobs and most school sports, physical are required to ensure the potential employee or athlete are in the appropriate physical condition for the job. These exams typically involve measuring your vitals, testing your eyesight, perhaps some physical capabilities. Some occupations require testing for tuberculosis and the clinic can perform that test as well.

A Clinic in Maui can refill prescriptions for both guests and locals. Sometimes while traveling you may run out of a needed medication and for some medications going without is not an option.

Whether you are traveling and looking for a prescription refill or you are in school and need a sports physical, going to a clinic might be the best option for your medical care. For both medical and urgent care, there are clinics available that can help. Visit the website of one that can meet your needs.

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