Common Signs That You Need to Have Your Oil Changed in Annapolis

Feb 25, 20 Common Signs That You Need to Have Your Oil Changed in Annapolis

Owning a car means that you’re going to need to perform various types of maintenance during its lifetime. An oil change is one of the common things that you’ll need to have done in order to prolong the life of the motor. Here are a few signs that your car could be due for an oil change if you haven’t been monitoring the mileage between changes.


Pay attention to the exhaust from your car. If you notice that it has a gray or blue tint, then you should consider an oil change in Annapolis, MD. Most of the time, this happens when there is too much debris in the oil because it hasn’t been changed as it should. A change in the amount or color of exhaust could also signal that there is an issue with a gasket.

Oil Levels

After driving for a few hundred miles, you should check your oil level to ensure that there isn’t a significant decrease. It’s usually normal to use a small amount of oil, but you don’t want to have to add quart after quart to your car.

Odd Sounds

If you notice any odd noises from your motor, then it could be because there is no oil circulating as it should in order to keep the parts lubricated. Some of the common noises that you might hear if there are issues include grinding or knocking. When you get an oil change in Annapolis, MD, someone can look to see if there are issues with the motor if you’re unsure of where the sounds are located.

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