Commonly Asked Questions That Family Attorneys Can Answer

Aug 21, 20 Commonly Asked Questions That Family Attorneys Can Answer

In Illinois, families face circumstances that will require court involvement to manage. These circumstances could lead to a divorce or a new guardian assignment for a minor child. They could also present major changes that may require an advocate to present a child’s wishes to the court. Family attorneys in Clarendon Hills can provide answers to commonly asked questions about these proceedings.

Is It Difficult to Acquire Temporary Custody of a Child?

It depends on the circumstances for which the petitioner is attempting to get temporary custody of the child. Typically, this assignment is provided when a child is at risk, and the biological parent presents this risk. The petitioner would need to present clear evidence to a judge that the child has been neglected or abused by their biological parent to acquire custody.

How Can Petitioners Get a Divorce If They Don’t Know Where Their Spouse Is?

Once the petitioner has exhausted all options for locating their spouse, they can use what is called service by the public to get a divorce. This requires an ad that is placed in the legal section of the local newspaper to notify their spouse of the impending divorce proceedings. The ad runs for six weeks, and the defendant has sixty days to respond, or a default judgment is provided, and the divorce is finalized by a judge.

Can Custodial Parents Acquire an Increase in Child Support Payments?

The custodial parent will have to petition the court to acquire an increase in their current child support payments. They must provide a real reason for this request such as a decrease in their own income or job loss. The court determines if the increase is warranted according to the financial needs of the child for which the payments are received.

In Illinois, families may take legal action for a variety of reasons including divorce, child custody, or new guardian assignments. The laws that encompass family law dictate how petitioners can take action and for what reasons these actions are allowed. Families that need assistance from family attorneys in Clarendon Hills can contact Cesario & Walker for more information now.

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