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by | Sep 4, 2015 | Business

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Despite all of the electronic means for transmitting information today, every business will still have filed cabinets full of paper documents. These documents often contain very personal information, including bank account numbers, social security numbers and much more. This information can be for clients, employees or may be related to the business itself. In the wrong hands, the amount of financial damage it can cause is staggering.

The surprising factor is how companies that are adamant about their digital information will often be casual regarding the hard copies they have of the same information. Too often these documents are simply tossed into a waste can and later emptied into an unsecured dumpster. This is the hunting grounds for criminals of all kinds. Once they find the information they need, they can easily steal the identity of anyone.

The latest statistics show that as much as 40 percent of small business in the United States have no plan in place for securely disposing of their paperwork. Since an identity is stolen, on average, every two seconds, there has to be a plan if companies want to protect themselves. If their lax practices are what is discovered to have caused an identity theft of an employee or client, the company itself could become liable. Even if their fault is only suspected, it is possible for current and prospective customers to rethink whether or not they want to do business with anyone that puts them at risk.

Protection is simple. Shredding provides the easiest method of eliminating paper documents. Of course, with the volume of pages the average company produces every day, a small office shredder cannot keep up. This is when business shredding services are the answer. This type of company brings the shredders to the door of the company needing their help. All materials are fully shredded and disposed of properly, often within a couple of hours. Since obsolete electronic data can also be a risk, they are also able to fully destroy these products as well.

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