Construction Junk Removal Hampton, GA

May 11, 21 Construction Junk Removal Hampton, GA

During construction or renovation, it’s often necessary to hire someone for junk removal. This is because the amount of junk generated is often too large and too voluminous for regular curbside trash pickup to collect. One of the most common solutions for Junk Removal In Hampton, GA is renting a roll off dumpster.

A Roll Off Dumpster gets its names from the way it is delivered. The dumpsters are brought to the site by a specially modified flatbed truck. The bed of the truck has rollers, a hydraulic lift, and a cable system. Upon arrival, the truck backs up to where the dumpster is to be placed. The hydraulic lift angles the bed of the truck so that it is like a ramp towards the ground. The cable system begins letting out cable so the dumpster can slowly roll down the back of the truck and onto the ground. When the dumpster is ready to be picked up, the process happens in reverse. The truck returns, lowers its bed, and the cable is used to pull the dumpster back onto the truck.

One big concern with Roll Off Dumpsters is the damage caused to the surface they are placed on. They are made of heavy metal and have corners that could scratch the road or the driveway or even crack portions of it. For this reason, many of the dumpsters have wheels along the bottom, and junk removal companies may also place plywood or other protective material along the surface where they are to be positioned.

The layout of a Roll Of Dumpster makes it ideal for construction or renovation debris. It usually has an open top, making it easy for construction machines to quickly dump materials in and for large items to easily fit inside. The containers are as wide as a typical truck and vary in length, with the most common sizes being between 10 and 40 yards. There may be a weight restriction based on the capacity of the trucks used.

Permits for parking a roll off dumpster may be required in certain locations, especially if a street will be partially blocked or if it will be visible in a residential area. A local junk removal company like ADM RollOff should be familiar with whether a permit is needed and the process for obtaining one.

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