Dealing With A Brain Injury in Fort Worth Case

Suffering from a traumatic Brain Injury in Fort Worth is not only scary, but it is something that can change a person’s life. The truth is that brain injury is a very complex area of personal injury law that requires a competent lawyer with a great deal of experience. The first thing the attorney you hire from a law firm such as The Law Offices Of Tom Hall is going to do is sit down and review your claim to decide whether or not it is valid. In order for you to have a valid claim, your brain injury must have been the result of recklessness, negligence, or intent. It could have been caused by a careless doctor or an intoxicated driver.

If the party you are filing the lawsuit against is not able to come to an out-of-court agreement during the settlement, your lawyer would prepare your case to go to trial. They are going to spend time working with medical experts as well as any witnesses who might have seen what caused your Brain Injury in Fort Worth to occur. A medical expert is a great witness because they can use props, pictures, or just words to demonstrate how the injury happened as well as how it could have been avoided if someone had been doing their job right. The medical expert can also give everyone an idea of how difficult that person’s life is going to be and roughly how much money they are going to end up needing just to survive.

A traumatic brain injury can end up being classified as severe, moderate, or mild. Naturally, the more serious the classification of your brain injury, the more money you would be entitled to. Most insurance providers are going to do what they can to get your injury classified as a mild injury even if it is not a mild injury. After all, they can justify offering you less money if they can pull off defining your injury as mild. Having a lawyer who can argue that your injury is not mild and why it is not mild is only going to ensure that you get more money.

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