Designing the Perfect Custom Trade Show Display

Think about this from an example standpoint. The products are communication devices from phones to two-ways to MiFi boxes for Internet connections. Perhaps this is a new company starting with innovative devices for communication. This company may be looking to attend a communications trade show that will be a three-day event for consumers and B2B attendees.

The communications company has decided to create a custom trade show display to launch their company and their products so the person in charge of marketing has an appointment to sit down with a company designer to create the custom design. Sales and marketing experts say it is possible to attract a sale in multiple ways. Three of the most important ways are sight, touch and hearing. The marketing executive has decided to create a display design that will have all these appeals.

The Eye Appeal

For the consumer who is “sight driven,” he will have to see beauty, uniqueness or intrigue to stop at the custom trade show display. The primary colors the company uses in their logo and hard copy advertising may be royal blue and black. The display structure is translucent material in the color of royal blue, using a great amount of indirect lighting. The name of the company will appear in black 3-D letters placed vertically on one of the front square columns to create another eye appeal.

There will be a rolling light system in two see through, sound proof booths to the back of the display. On the translucent shelving where the products are displayed, there will be a blue indirect lighting system.

The Touch Appeal

The “touch driven” consumer will have the opportunity in this custom trade show display to handle all the communication devices. He will be able to dial numbers on the phones with buttons and the ones with touch screens. The phones are all active so from touch to sound, it will all be there.

The Sound Appeal

In this custom trade show display, the “sound driven” customer will have a booth to step into and a display of all the communication devices will be accessible for him to dial numbers and hear the sound quality of the phones and two-way radio devices. There will be a computer in the booth that can be connected to the MiFi device and ear phones so the individual can listen to music or a movie to judge the sound quality.

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