Effective Termite Treatment Options in Phoenix AZ

Termites are very destructive, so any signs of them shouldn’t be ignored. As soon as you believe you may have an issue, contact a professional who provides effective termite treatment. For example, if you see any winged pests in your home, they may be termites. Often, you can have them and not even know, so you should have your home inspected for them annually.

Store Products
There are products at the store you can buy for termite treatment. The problem is that they often aren’t strong enough to really destroy these pests. It can also be difficult for you to get the products where they need to be in your home to really combat the issue. While this is an option for treatment, you are better off calling a professional. They can evaluate the core of the issue and use more powerful products. They can also get to the source of the termite infestation.

It is important to understand termites can be all over a house, not just in one area. Too often, consumers will buy store products and use them in a targeted region. The problem with this is that the termites are already in other areas, or are able to relocate to them. A professional will be able to apply treatment in a manner that fully destroys the termites and eliminates the problem.

There are products a professional exterminator can use in your home and on your property to prevent issues with termites. Such prevention is a good idea, as it is far less expensive than the damages these pests can create. The cost is reasonable too, so consider it an investment to protect your home.

If you already have termites, it is important to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Bait can be placed that offers them a source of food. However, this food source has chemicals that will kill them. Within a few hours of eating the bait, the termites will stop eating. They will die soon afterwards. They often take food back to their central location, where other termites feed on it. A professional will know where to place the bait so the termites can easily access it.

Pesticide Sealant
The use of liquid pesticide sealant is commonly used to eradicate termites. It is a very successful termite treatment, but it isn’t harsh for the environment. Not only does this kill the termites, but it also offers a long-lasting barrier. This barrier can prevent termites from being able to get into your home. This is important so you don’t have the issue again in the future. Termites that are already in the structure won’t be able to get out. Some of the products used are repellents only, which mean they don’t kill termites, but they keep them from entering a structure. This product is only used as a source of prevention, not when termites are already in the home. The sealant can last for several years after it has been applied.

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