Endodontist Treatment, Consult a Specialist in Glenview

Jul 09, 18 Endodontist Treatment, Consult a Specialist in Glenview

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that focuses on the study and treatment of injuries of the pulp and periradicular conditions. People see specialists in Glenview for help.

To understand endodontic treatment, it’s important to understand tooth anatomy. Teeth have several layers. The outside layer is known as the enamel, and it is supported by an inner layer called dentin. At the center, it has soft tissue which is known as the pulp. The pulp has nerve endings, blood vessels, and tissue that is important for tooth development. The pulp is important during the development of the tooth. However, it is not essential for the functioning of the tooth.

What does an Endodontist Treat?

Root canals are the most common procedures performed by an endodontist. They also perform procedures that involve re-treating a failed root canal, treating cracked teeth and dental trauma incidents. Endodontists have very specialized training and can treat teeth that have narrow or blocked canals.

Who Should See an Endodontist?

General dentists might be able to handle simple root canals. However, complex cases that require root canal therapy and other surgical procedures are better off handled by endodontists. An endodontist is requested to handle patients with complex root canals, especially patients that are generally at risk of complications of dental treatment.

Endodontic treatment is crucial for patients that have developed an infected pulp. The pulp may become infected as a result of cavities, previous dental procedures as well as trauma that led to cracks and fractures. If left untreated, the pulp infection can cause a lot of pain and lead to the formation of abscesses.

The root canal process involves removing the infected pulp and cleaning the inside of the tooth. Afterwards, the tooth is filled and restored with a crown. After the process is complete, the tooth retains its function.

If you would like to consult an endodontist regarding your oral health, you are invited to arrange a consultation with Dental Specialists of North Shore in Glenview. For more information, visit https://www.endoperiosurg.com. Follow us on google+.

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