Enjoy a Healthy, Beautiful Smile With Dental Services in Beaver Dam WI

by | Apr 10, 2015 | Dental Services

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Everyone wants a beautiful, white smile, and this is possible using Dental Services Beaver Dam WI. The first process is cleaning the teeth. There are two types of dental cleaning. The first is usually performed by a dental hygienist and is a thorough cleaning of each tooth. The second is dental whitening. Whitening is a process that uses a peroxide solution to eliminate deep set stains. Whitening can be performed on anyone as long as they haven’t had certain procedures that place artificial material on the teeth such as caps or shaping.

If your teeth are severely stained, misshapen or slightly crooked, then the dentist may suggest a procedure known as dental veneers. A veneer is a thin shell, usually made from porcelain. The shell is shaped to fit over the existing teeth and leave you with an even, consistent look. The benefits to modern veneers include little or no need for shaping the existing teeth and easy placement of the veneers. In fact, most veneer applications can be done in one or two office visits. To improve the shape and fit of the veneer, the dentist will use computer software to help design the veneer for improved strength and proper fit. To know more about the best dental services, click here.

There are dental procedures for practically every problem. For people whose teeth are in very bad shape, the dentist can remove the damaged teeth and replace them with bridges or dentures. To ensure the dental appliance will stay in place, they may suggest an implant. Dental implants serve multiple functions including the anchoring of a dental prosthesis. The most common usage for an implant is to replace a damaged tooth or one that has been removed. This keeps the existing teeth from shifting into the new space.

An implant typically uses a titanium stud which is inserted into the jaw. Once the wound has healed, and the stud is secure, the dentist will place a crown over it. The crown is typically porcelain. Porcelain is used because it has a nice, pearl white sheen which matches the color of most teeth. Plus, porcelain is very tough and can easily resist the acids in the mouth and the pressure of biting and chewing. To learn more about Dental Services Beaver Dam WI, visit the experts at Dentistry of Wisconsin.

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