Extend a Career with a Journalism Masters

Jan 16, 20 Extend a Career with a Journalism Masters

There are many different roles open to those who are willing to make their way to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to take on a journalism master’s degree. As the journalism sector is evolving with the rise of online media, the need to take a wider approach to the industry is becoming more evident. For the majority of students deciding to pursue a master’s degree in journalism, the overall aim is to be ready for the industry as they move forward into the latest news-reporting landscape.

The use of Technology

In the modern world, digital news media is taking over the industry with the reporter who can cross many sections of the media seen as the most desirable for most employers. The majority of master’s degree courses in journalism now feature a range of different technologies all being explored by students who are eager to learn more about different areas of the news. A journalist in the 21st-century must be able to post videos, record voice updates, and be social media savvy if they are to become the kind of news expert the majority of companies are looking for.

Be Prepared for the Industry

There is more to working in the news media than simply looking to develop the basic skills of reporting. Instead, shorthand design and the ability to create a better way of bringing the news to viewers, readers, and listeners are being created. Contact the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to learn more about the journalism master’s degree courses available.

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