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Finding a good high-performance coach is already a first step toward great changes in any area of your life. There are so many requirements for the right coach that can unlock your potential and explore all the new possibilities with you! Here are only a few of them:

1. Excellent communication skills are the must because a coach always works with people and the conversations are the key of the whole process.
2. Must be respectful of the coachee as an individual, his skills and goals in life.
3. Be honest in providing constructive and positive feedback.
4. Should set the goals that the coachee will be able to reasonably achieve.
5. Always be aware of his own agenda and ego so that these don’t get in the individual’s he work with way.

When do you especially need a performance coach?
*life planning
*long-range career
*recovering  from major business or personal setbacks
*during the career change points

How does it work?
Coaching is basically a way to develop your abilities and skills to help you deal with challenges or problems that you may be facing in life. A coaching process typically looks like a conversation between a professional coach (with a degree and some experience) and a person being coached (or coachee). During this conversation anything is allowed to be said, asked, or seriously considered and both people are looking for new ideas, concepts, and ways of thinking together. A coach can introduce you to some new effective methods of thinking, but he or she should never do anything for you. Remember: They are there just there to help, not to solve all your problems.

The techniques and approaches used by performance coaches in their training sessions are very similar to what you would expect from military training or sports related training. These are areas where high performance is essential for success. The coach will typically start the conversation with finding out where people need to begin. Everyone has a different starting point. This will cover what their ambitions or visions are. They will then explore various directions that their clients need to take in order to achieve those visions or ambitions.

*When you feel that you need fundamental changes to your performance or behavior
Note:  The key in coaching is that coach should never tell you what to do or how to do things. Their goal is only to teach you how to find effective problem solutions by yourself.

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