Finding The Perfect Style Of Diamond Earrings: A Guide For Men

Unfortunately, many men shy away from buying diamond earrings because they are unsure what style and type of earrings their wives, girlfriends or significant others may like. The reality is that finding the right style is not really complicated or complex and it just takes a bit of observation to pick a perfect match.

To help men when making earring purchases, particularly with diamonds, having a basic understanding of how to evaluate gemstones will be important. Most people are aware of the 4Cs of cut, carat, clarity and color.

For earrings, a smaller carat weight is desirable as a heavy earring is going to pull on the ear lobe. However, with a stud earring a solitaire diamond that is larger and of a great cut, clarity and color will really dazzle and shimmer. Hoops and dangling types of earrings look stunning with a pavé style, which is a large number of small diamond chips inset to create a dazzling surface.

For diamond earrings, clarity and color are not as important as for the large diamonds used as solitaire diamonds in rings. Cut is essential as this is what creates that fire and shimmer.

Getting Started

One of the easiest ways to determine the best style of earring for any woman is to take a closer look at the earrings she wears at different events. Most women will have special earrings for evenings out or for those important events, and then also earrings they wear for business or on a typical day.

Earrings featuring diamonds are the ideal match for any type of wear. They can be simple and elegant for business or daily wear, or more stylish and sophisticated for evening wear.

Basic Styles Defined
There are several styles of earrings from which to choose. Knowing what to ask for can help to focus in on a particular style at your favorite jewelry store.

  • Hoops –  rigid circular earrings that can be small and close to the ear or much larger, even down to the shoulders. These are very popular and, when set with diamond chips in the pavé style they are dazzling for evenings and special occasions. Smaller hoops are perfect for daily wear or business wear.
  • Stud earrings – these are a single post set with a beautifully cut diamond often the round, cushion, heart, or emerald cut options.
  • Cluster earrings – a grouping of smaller diamonds or diamonds and other semi-precious or precious gemstones. They can be designed to sit on the ear or hand just below.
  • Chandelier – this is the most elaborate style, perfect for evening wear. These diamond earrings hang down from the ear to various levels, often fanning out to provide an amazing look of dazzle and shine.

One simple way to find the right style of earrings is to bring it up in a casual conversation about styles. This, along with just knowing what she likes to wear, will help you get that perfect gift for any occasion.

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