Finding the Right Designer Diamond Wedding Ring

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Jewelry

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A wedding is considered to be one of the most significant events in anyone’s life. You can decide to make your engagement ceremony very special by opting to give your partner a designer diamond wedding ring. This will help in creating a redefined image of your love and intentions right in front of your partner. Professional jewelers can offer your choice of several types of designer diamond wedding rings with varying sizes and designs. All customers are free to select the one which suits them best depending on the affordability and taste, and can even opt for completely custom designs so their jewelry choice stands out as unique. Some of the benefits of purchasing designer diamond wedding rings include:

Flexibility in Cost

Designer diamond wedding rings are customized. This enables every customer to order the wedding rings that fit their budget. Professional jewelers are able to offer you with the best possible design that will suit your personal tastes without straining your budget.


Each custom diamond wedding ring is designed with the primary aim being to give the users total comfort. You will end up with a ring that has a very high comfort level with completely zero maintenance. Whether you are buying the perfect wedding or engagement rings in person or online, you will be offered the choice of several designs from classic to contemporary.

1. The classic wedding ring has been made with the finest handsome diamonds. The center stone is commonly cut into a round pattern with the center diamonds supported by four unique designed prongs. The bands of the ring are decorated using the round white diamonds.

2. Designer rings are considered to be beautiful due to their uniqueness. These rings normally have a gleaming round center diamond stone with the band being made up of charming decorations that can appeal to each person individually.

3. Designer diamond rings are designed with just a single band. Its decorations create an illusion that it has a four split ring. The band is also decorated with small white round diamonds.

You can also design your own ring by coming up with an eye-catching setting with the type of stones you have chosen. You can decide to choose the setting of the ring first or choose the setting after you have selected the diamond type. Depending on the direction you choose to go, you may create a ring that is both stylish and stunning, perfectly suited as a token of love for your soul mate.

At Laura Powers Jewelry, you can find a variety of designer diamond wedding rings with certifications at affordable prices, no matter what style you and your loved one prefer.

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