Fire and smoke damage restoration Denver CO

Jan 12, 22 Fire and smoke damage restoration Denver CO

Even though the fire fighters have left the costs and the problems have just begun. To put your home back to its pre-fire condition is going to take considerable time, money and skills and fire damage restoration services in Denver is not something that a homeowner can do, this work requires professionals who know what to do and how to do it.

The professional fire damage restoration technicians know that the longer it takes to begin the task the more difficult and expensive the task becomes. If the owner of the home delays the start of restoration the effects of exposure to smoke and heat become worse; corrosion sets in, it becomes more difficult to clean up and neutralizing the effects if smoke exposure becomes more difficult, perhaps impossible. There is a definite time line when it comes to the effects of a fire:

  • Within minutes porous materials such as marble discolor permanently, plastic yellow and appliances discolor.
  • Within hours tile grout is stained, bath fixtures discolor, un-plated metal begins to corrode; furniture begins to discolor.
  • Within days the acid from the soot causes walls to turn yellow, metal begins to pit and rust, wooden furniture will now need refinishing, vinyl floors will need replacing and upholstery is stained permanently.
  • Within weeks the cost of fire damage restoration in South Jersey escalates; carpets require replacing, silverware tarnishes, glass becomes etched from the acids.

You can understand why cleaning the soot and fire residue early is so important. During the actual fire the soot and vapors rise and they are carried throughout the house and deposited on all the surfaces. This goes on until the fire is extinguished, soot continues to build up layer by layer and if restoration does not begin quickly this material can become extremely difficult to dissolve and eliminate.

It is not just the remains of the fire that have to be dealt with, removing the associated odors and smells is also necessary. Professionals skilled in fire damage restoration in Denver know that eliminating the source of the odor as quickly as possible is the key. The team removes all unsalvageable material from the house and then they begin the process of physically removing any residue from that which can be salvaged. To further eliminate the odors the salvage crew will fog the interior of the house with a deodorant that seeks out odor and eliminates it.

By understanding how important it is to take quick action, the homeowner can keep the costs of repair down and get the home back to pre-loss condition more effectively.

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