Five Reasons To Visit Your Lakeview Dentist

by | Aug 17, 2015 | Dentistry

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If you are like most adults, you have probably put off going to your Lakeview dentist, even if you know that it is necessary and significant. Adults tend to get busy and feel rushed with all the regular activities they have to do, such as working and taking care of their families. You may have problems getting and keeping insurance, especially if you don’t have steady income. All of these factors can make it seem impossible, but you should be focusing on your oral health. There are five main reasons to consider dentists in your area.

Prevent Gum Problems

Gum disease is quite common for many people, but it can be caught quickly before it does any damage. In most cases, it can also be reversed so that you can have a healthy mouth once again. The leading cause of tooth loss in adults has been found to come from any gum disease problem. In most cases, the first stage can be reversed and treated. However, if treatment isn’t received in the gingivitis stage, periodontitis can follow, which is harder to treat and may not be reversed.

Prevent Oral Cancer

In the United States, one person dies from oral cancer every hour. This is a serious problem, and you don’t want to go through the disappointment and heartache of finding out you have advanced oral cancer, which could have been prevented or treated. When you have a regular cleaning and checkup, the oral hygienist will screen the mouth for signs of cancer, so it is an important part of your overall healthcare routine.

Prevent Tooth Loss

No one wants to consider losing teeth because it can be an embarrassing situation. However, it can also cause other mouth problems, such as uneven bite and may require you to use false teeth or dental implants. Both of those options can become expensive quickly while a routine checkup and cleaning cost a lot less. It is in your best interest to have your mouth checked every six months to ensure there are no problems or potential ones.

Prevent Emergencies

Many dental emergencies can’t be helped, such as sports injuries or accidents. However, if you don’t already have a dentist in Lakeview, you will find it harder to get help for those injuries. Other times, emergencies such as tooth pain can be prevented with regular professional cleaning.

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