Four Reasons to Study a Preterist Daniel 7 Commentary on the End Times

Dec 12, 13 Four Reasons to Study a Preterist Daniel 7 Commentary on the End Times logoStudying and researching the Book of Daniel is an exciting journey that takes the reader through chapters filled with the prophet’s experiences with kings, interpreting prophetic dreams, being thrown into a lion’s den, and visions of four beasts in chapter 7 that are revelations of the end times. Daniel 7 commentary on the chapter provided by Revelation Revolution reveals the symbolic interpretation of the four beasts, and how its prophecies were fulfilled according to the preterist view of eschatology. Although Christian futurist’s and preterit’s have opposing views on end time prophecies, a comprehensive study of the Book of Daniel utilizing historical research and Biblical positions is useful for reviewing. Revelation Revolution provides a Daniel 7 commentary that offers a preterist perspective that will challenge the belief that end time prophecies have not yet been fulfilled. Here are four reasons to engage in a study of a commentary on Daniel 7 to allow a preterist theological perspective to present its evidence for further contemplation.

Typically, preterits espouse that all or most of end time prophecy has been fulfilled. This belief is the result of a significant amount of investigation, inquiry, study, and historical research, which would be an interesting study to examine and explore the perspective.

The debate between futurists and preterits cannot be properly assessed without an understanding of each position. Searching for truth involves the ability to study both sides of a debate and make an educated decision with all the information necessary for a valid conclusion.

Revelation Revolution is committed to providing historical background information and verses of scripture that substantiate their beliefs and a Daniel 7 commentary that explains each verse of scripture in the book.

Preterits believe the second coming of Christ has occurred, and the status of the second coming is at the foundation of many Christian belief systems. Gaining a well-rounded perspective of this declaration is how belief systems develop and gain strength with further analysis and review.

End time prophecies in the Book of Daniel, Ezekiel and Revelation have sparked many conversations among students of the Bible and scholars for many years, and they also play a vital role in the way the church operates today. Understanding what the scripture says about the end times, whether there are agreements on the interpretation or not, is not as important as the need for a closer evaluation of eschatological beliefs and what the scriptures reveal about the destiny of mankind.

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